For Starters

One Screw Loose is a micro-sized family business. We make specialty food products. Our aim is to make unique, interesting, flavorful foods and have a good time doing it. We're proud to be part of a hard-working, high-spirited, talented community of food producers and consumers.


We could bore you with our org chart, but we won't (contact us if you insist). Instead, we'd like to give credit to some folks that have contributed to One Screw Loose in ways that shouldn't go unsung. Without these people we would not be who we are as a company.

  • Our family, the reason OSL is a business
  • Friends that amaze us with their generosity and support
  • Customers who think enough of us and our products to keep us in business
  • Partners who work with us to compliment our team
  • Fellow brave souls trying to make it the specialty food business

And there are others of course who have given us so much support along the way. Thank you!


Our specialty jellies and jams are made as they have been for generations. We barter for, pick locally, harvest from friends and grow much of our ingredients. As we tell our friends, southerners can turn most things into a jelly (watermelon rind, cayenne peppers, muscadines, Vidalia onions). Food tells a story and our products remind people of that. We learned canning from our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. They taught us processes, originality and frugality.