For Starters

One Screw Loose is a micro-sized family business. We make specialty food products. Our aim is to make unique, interesting, flavorful foods and have a good time doing it. We're proud to be part of a hard-working, high-spirited, talented community of food producers and consumers.


We could bore you with our org chart, but we won't (contact us if you insist). Instead, we'd like to give credit to some folks that have contributed to One Screw Loose in ways that shouldn't go unsung. Without these people we would not be who we are as a company.

  • Ms. Cowan, thank you so much for the muscadines! They are truely a southeastern treat and our customers request muscadine jelly a lot, even out of season. We make sure to reserve some for our own tables.
  • Paul S., the blueberries are awesome! Thanks for providing them and we're proud to have fresh ingredients.
  • Forrest and Jamie, thanks for training your bees to leave us alone for the most part as we have our way with your beautiful fig trees. Again, for jellies, fresh and ripe friuts make all the difference and we're greatful you've shared.
  • Tracy W, all the kid sitting, home cooked meals after work, that time you rescued us after we forgot the table cloths and more is greatly appreciated.


Our specialty jellies and jams are made as they have been for generations. We barter for, pick locally, harvest from friends and grow much of our ingredients. As we tell our friends, southerners can turn most things into a jelly (watermelon rind, cayenne peppers, muscadines, Vidalia onions). Food tells a story and our products remind people of that. We learned canning from our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. They taught us processes, originality and frugality.


This list of awesome, kickass, straight ballin', super cool folks who supported our Kickstarter campaign. Here's a special thanks to all of these generous people.


A.N. Haygood Eric Damon Walters Michelle N
Abigail Hamilton Erika Turner Mike
Adam Bloodworth Erin Gowdy Mike Nuteson
Adam Brewer Ernie Shumaker Mitchell Petrich
Adam Lowry Evan Didier mygrane
Adrienne M Johnson G.G. Nathan Battan
Al Buddah Goldenberg Gary Sparks Nicholas Chauvin
Alan Christensen Georgios Lazos Nicholas Leone
Alex Caudill Gloria Earley Noah Cohen
Amanda Gibson Goodysmack Nova Clarke
Amanda Green Grace Fairfax Ozzie Sabina
Amanda Snodgrass Grant Duvall Paul Milliken
Amelia Nustra Greg Schwartz Pete Scott
Amy Earp Gretchen Pete Tearle
Andres Fernandez gruntybob phillip crews
Andrew Jacobs Hannah Wendel Piedmont Barbers "Tracy"
Andrew Jones Heath Hobler Rachel Fischer
Andrew Van Velzer heather Rachel Kagan
Andrew Weinstock Heather B Raewyn Tonner
Andy Borman Heather McKimmey Ray Cole
Angelmuse00 Holly Nyannyannyan Rem Sanchez
Anna Kohn Iain Montgomery Rex Lorenzo
Anne Brinkman Indigoglass Rich Vander Klok
Anne Winckley Jacob K. Richard Blackburn
Anthony Blackburn Jacob Thuecks Richard Carlino
Anthony Robinson Jaime Garmendia Richard Heying
April Walters Jake L. Rob Laurich
Arielle Judith Cocozza James Emery Robert J. Luther
Ashley Brewer James Whalen Robert Odum
Ashley Solomon Jamey Owens Robert Silvia
benicorp Jason C. Ron Ploeg
Beth Lacey Gill Jason Friel Ron Read
Bill Jason Nix Roxanne C.
Blaine Wasylkiw Jason Pharo Roy Zemlicka
Bob Martinengo Jason Walls Ryan Droege
Bob Shaff Jeanne Wood Ryan Hartigan
boidytimes7 Jeff Miller Ryan Snow
Brandon Baralt Jeff Tindall sabrina selfridge
Brandon Kruse Jeffrey Mancebo Sahar fathi
Brandon Myers Jenn Kortright Sam Myer
Brendan W Jenness Sara Lambert
Brent Jennifer Feather Savannah
Brian Meagher Jennifer Jordan Scott
Bryan Jeremy Scott Bessin
Cara Pierce Jerry Stamey Scott Hastings Mitchell
Carla H. jess messer Scott Lamb
Carol Meadows Jessica Ferrar Scott Scharmann
Catherine Schwamm Jessica Muilenburg Scott Shimer
Cesar J. del Peral Jill Livengood Liles Scott Silverman
Chad Plumly Jimmie's JerkChicken Scott Walter
Charleen Mullenweg JoAnne Wagner Sean
Charles Borre Joe Sean Denmark
Chef Kristi Brown-Wokoma John Broaddus Shane Barnett
Chris Assal Jon Goldstein shane clark
Chris Golde Jon White Shaun Cole
Chris Lauer Jonus Shawn Bass
Chris Simser Joshua James Glass Shelley Hebert Marciniak
Christian Schwenk Julie Weinstein Some Guy
Christina Justin Vaughn Sooz
christina kubecka Kacie Stacy Michelle Latocha
Christopher "The Liger" Supino Kathryn Suchy Stan Mobley
Christy Wadsworth Kathy Stenger Stephani Cook Mason
corey Kaylan Senour Stephen Loiaconi
Courtney Gajda Kelly Wong Stephen Solomon
cristingrothaus Ken Stringer Sue Bowen
Daina Kerry Price Susan Brennan
DAK's Spices Kevin Spier suzi
Dan Jacobs Kristen Toohill Sweta Mohapatra
Dan Jacobsen Larry Tyner Tabetha Hatcher
Daniel Laura Carscaddon Talia Levy
Daniel Anderson Lauren S Teel Durrett
Daniel Cady LeAnn Galgerud Thaddeus J. Dziedzic
Daniel Lee Leon Blackburn Thomas Gately
Danielle Pruitt Lisa Granger thomas rogers
Darren Brady Louise mc Laughlin Timothy Condon
David marion TJR Legacy II
David Gustafson Matt Tom Anderson
David Tsai Matt Barnard Tony Stone
debra baker Matt Hanes toralee robinson
Diana Yund Matt Rose Trent Mayo
Dominick Cancilla Matthew Bounous Tressa Kelly
Dominique Blanchard Matthew DeHaven Tristanne Lentz
Doug freed Matthew Graves tyrone bachus
Doug Shoemaker Megan way Verre
Drew Carson Melanie Jones Vivien Lemoine
Dwayne Kurzrok Melanie McGahey Rohlfs Way Way
Dylan Z MFR Wayne Fuller
Eddie Holley Michael Wendy Whipple
Ellenor Varvel Michael and Erin Bogan Wes Deweese
Emily Michael DiBlasi william conklin
Emily Capps Michael Eales William Lassiter
Emily Strongwater Michael Gayhart Yen-Ling Ma
ERIC CARLSON Michal Prosinski Zachary
Eric Carver michelle kelley Zinnia